Is Ameca Human Controlled?

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The business Engineered Arts, based in the United Kingdom, developed a humanoid robot named Ameca. Humanoid robots were once the stuff of science fiction novels and movies, but now they are a reality. Incredible progress has been made in robotics, and it now appears that everything is falling into place. Humanoid robots like Ameca are being developed by more than just Engineered Arts. One question that many asked when they say Ameca was, “Is Ameca human controlled?”

In this article, we explore the various aspects of Humanoid Robots and determine whether Ameca is independent or controlled by humans. 

It is possible that having humanoid robots coexist with humans will become commonplace due to advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, renewables and storage, and even psycholinguistics.

The Wonder that Is Ameca



Engineered Arts showcased Ameca at CES 2022. Incredibly lifelike humanoid robot with exceptional social skills. It mimics human emotions with its expressions. It mimics human speech by moving its lips to match the sounds being made by its mouth. The speakers are not hidden; they are located on the front of the chest. This, too, may evolve and get better down the road. It can distinguish people and turn toward them thanks to the built-in cameras in its eyes and advanced facial recognition software. Robots using in-ear microphones can detect the direction of a voice and respond accordingly.

It possesses human-like skill in using its arms, hands, and fingers. We did not get to see its hand-grabbing abilities yet. Currently, it is unable to walk. Ameca’s walkable legs are now in development, according to the researchers.

Engineered Arts of the United Kingdom has updated its humanoid robot Ameca with a more natural range of facial expressions. The robot is shown in a new video by the corporation marveling at its reflection in a mirror. Engineered Arts claims it is training the AI-driven robot to display various facial emotions. The next hurdle will be to exert full control over the robot’s expressive powers.



The Robot’s Area of Expertise


The robot's area of expertise


According to Engineered Arts, Ameca is the “world’s most advanced human-shaped robot” and “the forefront of human-robotics technology” Ameca is described as “the perfect humanoid robot platform for human-robot interaction” since it is built on proven, modular, upgradeable, and straightforward technology. Interestingly, the robot’s parts can be used without the rest of the body. The robot’s head or even a single arm can be used independently.

Another cool aspect of the robot is its cloud-connected focus, letting its owners use it as a personal avatar, animation, and simulation. Ameca is a platform for testing AI and ML systems driven by the Tritium OS. 

After its debut at CES 2022 in February, the robot is currently for sale and even available for rent.

Once built, a robot of this size would be 49 kg in weight and 6 feet in height. The robot’s 52 motors allow it to do 52 types of articulated motion. A camera mounted on its chest allows the robot to identify human faces and collect detailed information on the operator’s demographics, including gender, emotional state, and chronological age.


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Is Ameca Human Controlled?


Is Ameca Human Controlled


Ameca makes Use of artificial intelligence! Still, it relies on a combination of AI and human effort at 50%. In other words, Ameca is controlled by humans in another room or over a remote connection, and it just mimics the controller’s facial expression, voice, and hand movements. 

Humanoid robots like Ameca, according to Engineered Arts, can be put to work in a wide variety of service industries, from airports to hotels.


“It’s going to be interesting to see how society deals with artificial intelligence, but it will definitely be cool.” – Colin Angle


What Use can Ameca be?


What Use can Ameca be?


Humanoid robots have the potential to greatly benefit society by taking over dangerous jobs once performed by people, such as fighting wildfires, mining, space exploration, etc. Things that have a strong potential to injure people.

There may be a role for humanoid robots, but it does not mean they would be at their best in terms of efficiency, output, and effectiveness if they took human form. Would you have your humanoid robot, for instance, use a keyboard to compose a novel or answer work emails? It is a pretty neat idea. However, robots have no use for a computer’s mouse or keyboard.

Already, cutting-edge machine learning technology can produce writings indistinguishable from those created by humans, be they articles, books, or anything else. Further enhancements are planned.

The convergence of these factors—highly developed technology, cutting-edge AI, machine learning, ultra-fast networks, communications, and massive amounts of data—indicates that robots will soon be part of everyday life.  



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Role of Blockchain in Robotics


Role of Blockchain in Robotics, is ameca human controlled


Interconnection and blockchain technology will also play an important part in the future of robots. When the time comes for robots to act more independently, the blockchain can be used to record the transactions resulting from those actions. 

Likewise, this will allow robots to conduct monetary transactions. Envision your autonomous vehicle by visiting a charging station and paying in bitcoin or hive currency. If we visit a store with a self-checkout kiosk and engage with a robot or machine that uses blockchain currency, that day may not be far off. 

Neither Visa nor Mastercard is the payment method of choice for robots. The reason is that they will be able to see how banks have been stealing from customers with their bizarre transaction-based feed and will likely find this amusing. 


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Is Ameca Dangerous to Humans?

As we have explored the question: ‘Is Ameca human controlled? ‘ we learned how advanced the robot is, and we also learned that the inputs of humans control it. So, it is not harmful in its current form. However, as the engineers develop the robot more, it could see more autonomy. Then we would have to analyze the threat such a humanoid robot could pose again. 

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