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5 Most Emotional Robots to Read About

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Now more than ever, businesses are developing robots with a startlingly human appearance so that they may operate side by side with people in service industries like hospitality and customer service. It follows that these robots attempt to mimic human appearance and behavior as closely as feasible. While you can still tell the difference between a human and a robot in the here and now, the day may come when you mistake a robot for a human. But for the time being, let’s take a look at the 5 most emotional robots, that are super advanced. These robots are physically indistinguishable from people, and while their behavior still has a ways to go before it can pass for humans, this may alter in the future as Artificial Intelligence develops. 


5 Most Emotional Robots:

“Human reactions to robots varies by culture and changes over time. In the United States we are terrified by killer robots. In Japan people want to snuggle with killer robots.” – Daniel H. Wilson


  1. Nadine:

Nadine is a compassionate robot that responds to greetings, maintains eye contact, and recalls previous talks. She’s a robot with a personality, and mood, and feels just like a real person. Like Professor Nadia Thalmann, the face and hands of Nadine are the work of a Japanese firm called Kokoro.



This humanoid robot with radiant skin and flowing brown hair can remember you from previous visits, greet you by name, shake your hand, and carry on conversations based on prior interactions. She is equipped with a webcam, microphone, and three different types of depth cameras. The data is then processed by several perception layers that look for cues like faces, gestures, emotions, and behaviors before making any decisions on how to proceed.


Nadine is a receptionist with the insurance firm AIA Singapore. 


2. Sophia:

Did you believe that only human beings could become legal residents of a country? But obviously, that’s not the case any longer! Hanson Robotics of Hong Kong created a humanoid robot named Sophia, and she became the first robot to be granted citizenship. It’s official: Sofia is now a citizen of Saudi Arabia!! Not only that, but she has a huge fanbase of robots. She was created in the likeness of Audrey Hepburn, a famous Hollywood actress, and has given interviews to the United Nations, the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in the United States, the British Broadcasting Company, and others. Sophia’s designer, Mr. Hanson, thinks she’ll do well as an elderly companion in nursing homes, a crowd organizer at huge events or parks, etc. In a nutshell, he is rooting for Sophia to one day become convincing in her interactions with humans.


Neural networks, expert robotic systems, natural language processing, machine perception, motor control, etc. are all built into Sophia to facilitate these functions. Through the application of Machine Perception, she can identify human faces and decipher a variety of facial and hand expressions and emotions. Then, her arms, hands, eyes, legs, etc. are guided by a suite of path planning algorithms. Sophia can accurately engage with many people thanks to her usage of natural language processing (which is especially useful in interviews!). The discussion logs are saved in the cloud, making blockchain-based conversation analysis a breeze.


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3. Geminoid DK:


This robot is a replica of Aalborg University’s Henry Scharfe. This advanced android is the most recent in the line of Geminoids that have set the standard for lifelikeness. This humanoid robot was the result of a partnership between a private Japanese company and Osaka University’s Intelligent Robotics Laboratory, led by Hiroshi Ishiguro.



The development of the Geminoid DK spanned nine months. Scharfe provided the strands of his hair to be utilized in the Geminoid wig, which served as inspiration for the robot’s appearance, personality, and even shrug. People often mistake this robot for the person it was supposed to resemble, so accurate, is it? The primary goal of this design was to build a humanoid that looked as lifelike as possible.


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4. Erica:

If you tune in to the news, the anchor will fill you in on all the breaking happenings. That newscaster, though, may now be a robot. Erica, a Japanese robot, maybe the source of your daily news if you live in Japan. Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at Osaka University director and creator Hiroshi Ishiguro developed Erica. She is one of Japan’s most advanced humanoids, and the country has put a lot of time and effort into improving her ability to communicate with humans. Erica may be unable to walk, but she has no trouble conversing with others or adapting her expressions to fit the mood of the conversation.



Erica can do this thanks to the 15 infrared sensors located in her “eyes,” which allow her to detect and follow any movement. She is also equipped with speech-generation & facial recognition tech that makes it simple to keep tabs on everyone in a room. With her built-in articulation, Erica can turn her head, move her neck and waist, and make a wide range of expressions. Still, her job as a news anchor makes up for the fact that she can’t use her arms at the moment. In addition, Hiroshi Ishiguro appears to believe that Erica has a “soul,” although whether or not she does raises an interesting question about robotic metaphysics rather than technology.



5. Junco Chihira:

The android robot Junco Chihira, developed by Toshiba, is remarkably lifelike. Junco is a full-time employee at a Tokyo visitor center. Previously, an Android named Aiko Chihira served as a receptionist in a Japanese department store, and this one is her successor. Junco Chihira was formerly limited to repeating pre-programmed responses, but as of 2017 it has been equipped with speech recognition technology and can now interact with visitors by answering their inquiries.


When Junko Chihira enters the healthcare sector, she will be doing so in addition to her employment in the tourism and service industries. The head scientist at Toshiba’s R&D center, Hitoshi Tokuda, told us that the company planned to integrate the humanoid with any existing language processing system.

At 5 feet and 5 inches tall, Junko is about the same height as the average 26-year-old Japanese woman.


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5 most emotional robots

You’ve learned about Nadine, Sofia, Geminoid DK, Erica, and Junco Chihira are the 5 most emotional robots top humanoid robots in existence. These robots are so realistic that people might mistake them for genuine things. Although they still have a ways to go before they are human-like, it is obvious that transferring social and relationship learning to robots is possible, and may get better as AI develops.


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