How to Use ChatGPT?

how to use chatgpt, is chatgpt free, who owns chatgpt, how to log into chatgpt, limitations of chatgpt

In the era of cyberspace, new versions of Artificial intelligence are developed by OpenAI in the type of Chat GPT. Where you can discover more exciting features and it will assist you in accessing the internet more effortlessly. Go through all the details about how to use ChatGPT, does it cost anything along with its downloading procedure, who are the parents of ChatGPT, how to log in, and other details in this article.


What is ChatGPT?


what is chatgpt, how to use chatgpt


ChatGPT is the chatbot released late last year by OpenAI, an establishment that Elon Musk and Sam Altman originally helped to co-found. The bot utilizes OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 language technology, an advancement of the GPT-3 model released in 2020. ChatGPT had around a million users within its first week of release. The chatbot utilizes machine learning to produce human-sounding replies to text stimuli. The bot was trained with excess data, from books and articles to discussions. The chatbot can recognize a range of topics and contexts.

ChatGPT is a huge language model chatbot. It has an extraordinary skill to interact in conversational discussion form and provide answers that can appear astonishingly human. Large language models execute the task of guessing the next word in a string of words. Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF) is an extra layer of guidance that utilizes human response to assist ChatGPT to learn the capability to check on directions and produce responses that are suitable to humans. It is created on the GPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer) architecture and can be modified for numerous language jobs, for example, question and answering, translation of language, and text synopsis.


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Is ChatGPT free?


Is ChatGPT free?


Good news!!! Yes, of course, chat GPT is free to use by consumers. Yet, the Chat GPT which has a paid version has also been introduced by OpenAI in the United States. For the thrilling consumers of AI, there can be sad news for you since there is no such official app developed for ChatGPT. All you can do is log on from google chrome or whichever internet browser you use for your appliances. There is no substitute way to access it. If you wish to use it on your mobile phone the procedure for using it is given below:

  • At the very beginning, you have to access on your mobile from any browser such as google, firefox, etc.
  • Click on the Login button to continue further.
  • Fill in your Email ID and contact number, and then next, you will obtain an OTP on your mobile.
  • After entering the OTP accept the request.
  • And then, now your homepage screen is visible including multiple choices.
  • Choose a fresh chat and look for questions and queries from ChatGPT.

With the help of the given procedures, it can easily be operated on your gadget. Next, after installing you can effortlessly assess all its qualities and types.





Who owns ChatGpt?


Who owns ChatGpt, how to use chatgpt


OpenAI is a non-government company that was initiated in 2015. OpenAI Inc. is a non-profit original business company of the business-related OpenAI LP. OpenAI is well-known for its renowned DALL·E, an intense learning dummy that creates images from text commands called “prompts”. The headquarters of the company is located in San Francisco. At the very beginning, the intelligence dummy of Artificial intelligence was established by Sam Altman, Greg Brockman, Ilya Sutskever, and Wojciech Zaremba.

After a while, Elon Musk was also fascinated by the idea of AI and they upgraded the ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence model. ChatGPT which is free for society to use at the beginning and later after the completion of the test and revisions is launched for the earnings benefits of the corporation. And now, Microsoft has also tied up with ChatGPT for the sum of 10 billion dollars. They together created the Azure AI Platform.



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How do I log into ChatGPT?


How do I log into ChatGPT?


Open AI unveils the boosting model for conversations. A skilled model that is Chat GPT is invented so that we can speak to the sibling to InstructGPT. They both can grasp orders and guidelines and gives you a detailed response. However, ChatGPT is the latest version with various changes as it can answer queries and supplement the answer, it can accept an error, can decline unsuitable requests without any difficulty, and confront incorrect pieces of evidence. For operating the ChatGPT you have to first log in with your OpenAI Id.


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If just in case you do not possess the OpenAI ID, you have to initially sign up for OpenAI and create your ID. After creating your ID, you can access the OpenAI and can make use of ChatGPT with no trouble. Every user gets a free trial of the ChatGPT which is also accessible on In that, you can get into all the descriptions and qualities of ChatGPT before downloading it.




Limitations of ChatGPT:


Limitations of ChatGPT, how to use chatgpt


Since every coin has two sides and being Artificial Intelligence (AI) without any second thought there will be some flaws with the technology, a few are listed below:

  • ChatGPT can provide incorrect answers.
  • It uses very formal language.
  • Very peculiar to generating machine language.
  • It is not completely trained.
  • ChatGPT is not very detailed.
  • It is not a human expert.
  • It provides only a summary of the subject with no original insight.
  • It could be monetized.
  • It is too wordy.
  • ChatGPT is not too expressive.


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Hope you liked this article on how to use ChatGPT. Science, comparable to many other fields of society, now faces a calculation made by AI technology invading its most deeply held values, practices, and ethics. The effort should be on accepting the opportunity and dealing with the risks. We are sure that technology will find a method to gain from conversational AI without wasting many important aspects.

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