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8 Travel Destinations for Honeymoon Couples

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Are you newlywed and looking for honeymoon destinations? You would be surprised to see the variety of options. So, prepare yourself to create the first amazing memory of your married life that you will treasure forever. Explore these travel destinations for honeymoon couples and select the one that attracts you the most:


1. Andaman And Nicobar Islands:


andaman and Nicobar Islands, travel destinations for honeymoon couples


Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the most trending honeymoon destinations in India for newly married couples. This is a destination that gives you the feeling of peacefulness and tranquility from every corner. With the ever-so-eye-catching places to visit and exciting experiences to take on, Andaman and Nicobar Islands are one of a kind! There are so many adventurous and wonderful activities such as scuba diving to keep you busy, private islands with beautiful coral reefs, and some of the best beaches to experience while on a honeymoon, you will wish that your holiday should never end.




2. Goa:




Goa is known as the tourist paradise of India and is the perfect honeymoon destination in India because of its hippy tradition and exotic beaches! Party to the core or spend a relaxed romantic time with your partner on some of the finest beaches in India for a honeymoon holiday. One of the admired choices among the younger crowds, Goa is a place that makes one go through a splendid sunrise, cheerful brunches, some thrill-seeking water activities, and vibrant nightlife along with some amazing shopping stuff at its best and makes this destination one of the most frequent and popularly demanding places for a honeymoon in India. Even if a person is tired of visiting beaches, one can explore churches and the Portuguese culture there.


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3. Srinagar:




Kashmir, so-called the ‘heaven on earth’ is surely one of the nicest places to visit for a honeymoon in India. Srinagar, without any doubt, has to be one of the dreamiest, most romantic, and most beautiful places in India that you can add to your list. The beauty of nature in Srinagar is no match. Relaxing on a Shikara with your better half on the Dal Lake gives the impression of a scene right out of a 70’s classic movie. You can also increase your adrenaline rush by paragliding that will give you a beautiful bird’s eye view of the valley. Srinagar is indeed a treat for the eyes.


“Every time you don’t need a special place for love. But the thing that you need most is love, care, and togetherness! So, spend time full of love with the special one.”


4. Jaisalmer:




Jaisalmer is the best place to get the feel of Arabian nights and could be the spot-on location for a honeymoon. In the core of the great Thar Desert, a honeymoon holiday at Jaisalmer is a hearty affair! The appropriate place to experience the vibrant culture, royal background, and tradition of the ‘Golden City’ is gifted with warming a cold heart. Jaisalmer turns out to be one of the unique honeymoon destinations in India with the deserts that cover as far as the eye can see, the colorful attires, and the locals as modest as a lamb! You can experience the traditional folk dance and songs and shop a lot of Rajasthani stuff!


Now let us look for some Destinations Internationally:


5. Alleppey:


Alleppey, travel destinations for honeymoon couples


Fade away into the watery world of the “Venice of the East”, Alleppey is scattered with villages, toddy shops, canoes, and hundreds of houseboats. One of the must-go-to places in Kerala with your soulmate that offers an alluring romantic experience. This city is the best to witness the real beauty of the backwaters, nature, and houseboats. One can also relax in the spa and experience a good massage to reduce stress.


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6. Mauritius:




Mauritius is frequently compared to heaven on earth because of its beautiful beaches which extend into an endless stretch of serene blue ocean. Mauritius has pushed away amidst the Mascarene Islands and is the favorite in the honeymoon destination list by the newlyweds. As we think of this part of paradise whose very name evokes pictures of azure blue seas and pristine beaches. Luxury stays, white sandy beaches, pleasant weather, and a chance for you and your partner to revive the love after a hectic wedding. Culturally diverse, and with infinite fun things to do, it is a perfect place for a relaxing, tropical honeymoon that will make sure the trip is different from any other that you have experienced before.


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7. Maldives:




If you are the kind of person who likes to go all out, be it for the wedding ceremony or the honeymoon, then Maldives is the place where you can sweep your partner off your feet. When imagining Maldives, the first thing that comes to attention is the huts hanging over the blue water of the Indian Ocean that promises luxury and an impressive time spent enjoying the wholesome weather of Maldives. Dive deep and discover the vibrant coral reefs and the beautiful world underneath the water with your loved one or surf over them, and enjoy the sapphire waters of Maldives in absolute peace as it is never a crowded destination. What is better than a generous, tropical honeymoon? Of course, the one on your very own secluded island!


8. Greece:


Greece, travel destinations for honeymoon couples


Perhaps the best vintage point for the Mediterranean, Santorini in Greece shows all the signs of cobalt-colored seas and skies that give you amazement. Athens and Delphi with their fabulous ruins are also a must to visit holiday spots. Or run away from the crowds by visiting some not-so-known islands, such as Cythera and Kastelorizo. As you sightsee the best of Greece, do get involved in the extravagant Mediterranean cuisine while appreciating the sunset over the Aegean.


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So, which of these best travel destinations for honeymoon couples have you picked for your romantic holiday? Whichever place you choose, making an unforgettable experience with your better half matters the most.

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